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Benny is a business & profit strategist with over 10 years of experience in starting and scaling businesses. Most notably, he built 12 profitable businesses in just under 4 years by using unorthodox strategies he refined over the years through his own ingenuity and experience. He also hosts a popular Youtube channel on investments and finances.

Currently, Benny runs multiple businesses across various industries from the education, real estate industry, automobile, greens, F&B, to marketing and production. He has also built one of the businesses to become the category king of the market.

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Benny Ong
‘Seeing is believing’… or is it? What if I told you that ‘Believing is seeing’? When it comes to business, or even life, mindset is the fundamental building block to success.
Business is a long game. That means you need someone who can help you with over-arching strategies that can help to push your business to a next level. Not ‘tips & hacks’ that gives a short term result.
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One of the biggest mistake that business owner can make is to charge forward without first really understanding where they are. Take charge and understand where you and your business is, before you set the direction for where you can go.
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